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Here are some stories about our skiers. Read about what they acheived and what is has meant to them and their families

Cameron McGregor

Cameron's Dad Rab talks about what his son has acheived at Rosski

Cameron started learning to ski as an after school activity once a week with school (Tor view)


We had heard about the ski club on Saturday afternoons and signed him up once we realised how much he was enjoying it. He picked skiing up quickly as most kids do and as he enjoyed it so much we made sure he got to go most weekends


Cameron was training with the ski team and he got the chance to go to Switzerland with the school, we were a little nervous of him being away from us but as it was something he enjoyed and we didn’t want him to miss out on the opportunity of going with his friends from school off he went.


He spent most of his skiing time with the ski team who were out there at the same time and he had a great time there and could hardly contain himself telling us all about it when he got home (which is very unusual for Cameron as he’s generally very quiet)


His ability level when he came home had taken a leap and only added to his enjoyment of his time on the slope on Saturday afternoon’s. Cameron got the chance recently to go to the British nationals in Serre Chevalier in the French Alps with 8 of his team mates from the ski team and all nine of them came home with medals (20 in all) Cameron coming home with 3 Golds, this was great for Cameron as for him it is the closest thing he will get to a lads holiday.


(I was hoping we would be drawing straws to see who went to support him and the team but to be honest I had no chance and his mum thorough enjoyed her time away )


Attending the skiing on a Saturday afternoon has filled Cameron with confidence  in his abilities  and he has made friends. For us as parents, sitting watching Cameron on the slope improving his techniques and thoroughly  enjoying his time with friends has allowed us to make wonderful friends ourselves with the other parents, where we are free to chat and laugh for a couple of hours, and also being able to chat about Cam with people who understand with having children and young adults themselves with learning disabilities

Cameron de Vial

Cameron answers some questions and Mike (Head Coach) talks about Cam

Cameron answers some questions about his skiing


Why do you attend races?


I want to show everyone how good my skinning is. I want to make my family proud and to show people that just because I have a learning disability it doesn’t mean that I cannot be good at sport.


What are your goals when racing?


To do the best for my team. To be happy and enjoy myself and to try my best to win


What are your top achievements?


I have won medal in every competition I have entered but I am most prod of the 3 medals I won at the national Games I went to.


I have a job that I really enjoy.


How has Special Olympics changed your life?


I have met lots of new friends from all around the country. I know that I am good at sport and can win if I train hard.


Mike Hopkins- Head coach at Rosski says a few words about Cameron


Cameron has been skiing for over 9 years. He started with his school (Tor View)  going on 7 school trips as well as weekly practice at Ski Rossendale. He has done three snow race camps with Rosski. In the build-up for the 2016 SOGB National Games Cameron is proving his dedication and motivation to do well by attending extra ski training with Ski Rossendale Race Club and attending fitness training at the local gym. He is a charming character who always wants to help and support others. He is a very capable person who has become independent. Cameron does, and will always, listen to instruction and try his very best.

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